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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  May 14, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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flooding not seen in seen in decades...and all man-made... the delicate seen in decades...and all man-made... the delicate work tonight to save cities destroying farmland. and easing the pain at the pumps... what the white house will do-- to try and reverse rising gas prices. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. police are on the scene of a shooting in san francisco's bernal heights neighborhood at this hour. at least three people were injured. it happened around 7-30 tonight, on the 100-block of appleton avenue, near holly park. don knapp is at the hall of justice with the latest. don.
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tonight we're also seeing quite a spring storm.... meteorologist lawrence karnow is here to show us how much rain we can expect...lawrence? thanks lawrence.
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tomorrow's 100th running of the bay to breakers could be imnpacted by the weather... the rain and cold could diminish the turnout... which wouldn't bother the businesses along the route...or the police patrols. barricades have been set up along the course to keep people --on course... so-called "drunk tents" have also been set up to assist those who ignore the ban on alcohol... the race was almost canceled this year for lack of a sponsor... but "zazzle" stepped in at the last minute. the weather will likely impact the start of the amgen tour of california... the cycling race was to begin tomorrow with a ride around lake tahoe... but a spring snowstorm has forced organzers to reconsider the first leg. the riders were to start in south lake tahoe and
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head toward northstar, but snow down to 35- hundred feet tomorrow could cha e course completely. they test test test please stand by
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. engineers say opening this spillway will relieve the pressure on the levees, protecting baton rouge and new orleans and will lower the level at the mouth of the river. if the mississippi rises too high that could be forced to be closed for and a and a the movement. >> reporter: thousands are beginning to evacuate, by sunday the army corp predicts the water will be about 25 miles south, and 50 deep, by monday, tuesday miles, by tuesday it is expected to reach the town of morgan city. but one spokesperson said they knew it was always a risk. >> everybody that lives here understands the levees are there for a reason. everybody knows that one day you may have a lot of water.
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>> reporter: and the river just keeps swelling, not expected to crest for at least a week. cbs news. well, spillways happened after the great flood of 1971. and an elderly man drove his car off the road on purpose, causing it to crash 100 miles off the cliff. the highway was shut, the car was recovered. the man's family says he had cancer and thought of suicide. checking the other bay area headlines, a concord liquor store raided for selling illegal fireworks. contra costa found them on monument boulevard, the woman
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said her 11-year-old grandson bought them there. the store employees claimed they didn't know the fireworks were illegal. and a mountain view woman facing charges for setting fire to her business five years ago. the four alarm fire caused a million in damage. the indictment alleges the 51- year-old torched the business after taking out a fire insurance policy. she faces 14 counts, including mail and wire fraud. and pot clubs could be at odd with some city leaders. they have been a boon for the tax coffers, they paid nearly 3000 in march, when they levied it. the city council has voted to reduce the number of pot clubs from more than 100 to 10. he could have been a frontrunner, but mike huckabee
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says he is not running. the former arkansas governor made his announcement during the fox news show. he says he gave the idea of a run for the republican nomination a lot of thought but his heart was not in it. he has been at the top of the polls in the crowded field of candidates. it leaves the conservative supporters up for grabs. and haiti has a new president, a pop star known for bad language on stage. he pledged to restore the country still hurt badly after the massive quake. his priorities include education, taxes, security and foreign investment. he was the under dog candidate but won the office in a land slide with more than two thirds of the vote. and a campaign to keep the situation in libya on the front pages. >> free, free, libya. >> why protesters from around the bay area are still fighting
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their fears and the gadhafi regime. if somebody told me i would be walking at that graduation i would say it was not possible. and a berkeley graduate making history just by picking of his certificate. the amazing project that helped him to walk today. >> and bound for home, the decision in los angeles that will allow an injured giants fan to return to the bay area
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charged three u-s citizens who were born in pakistan with giving money and support to the pakistani taliban. the fbi has charged try u.s. citizens who were born in pakistan with giving money and support to pakistan taliban.
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the u.s. attorney's office in miami says that the three were arrested in morning. he is the imam at the miami mosque, and at another mosque, neither are suspected of wrong doing. and libyas and libyan americans rallied in san francisco today in support of their homeland. the demonstration at the civic center was aimed at showing the libyan rebels and their strength, fighting to over throw the regime, they came from all over the bay area, most have relatives and many say they can't return because of fear of them getting revenge for speaking out. and many hope that gas prices will come down, the average price is above four a gallon, and americans are desperate for relief. more on how the white house is trying to make it happen. >> reporter: with americans
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hurting over the gas prices near four a gallon, president obama has started to tweak his energy policy. >> i believe that we should continue to expand oil production in america, even as we increase safety and environmental standards. >> reporter: accused of not doing enough to curb the high oil prices, today the president announced a series of initiatives, including extending work in the gulf of mexico. they are looking at acres on the slope of alaska, and providing incentives to speed up oil production at sites already leased. the top oil industry agrees. but in a statement the american petroleum industry says we hope this is only the first in a series towards a vast robust
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plan. the house passed two bills this week that not only ramp up offshore drilling but would force the obama administration to act quickly on approving new sites. but neither measure is likely to pass a democratic senate where anger at rising gas prices boiled over at a hearing this week. five bosses from the largest private oil companies defended their 2.1 billion in tax credits. and for frustrated americans, analysts agree there is little washington can do to provide immediate relief. >> increasing domestic drilling is not going to reduce gas prices. >> reporter: senate democrats will vote to remove some of the oil subsidies next week. president obama is encouraging that vote, but republicans are sure to block it. highlighting the divide over america's energy future. cbs news, the white house. and drivers looking for relief from gas prices are
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getting on caltrains. it has been so successful it has been growing. they have grown since the pilot project started, thanks to gas price always of course the giants season. and if you're looking at a new place to spend your weekend? >> three, two, one. >> the merced branch library was part of a grand opening in rio. it was closed because of renovations, now it is updated and stronger, and more environmental friendly. this is the latest library construction project funded by a voter approved measure. hundreds of families came out today to join in on the fun at the tenderloin family fare. proceeds go to help the hundreds of kids who attend the elementary school, sponsored by
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the bay area women and children's center. and they got to have their event without any rain, but there are a lot of soccer tournaments tomorrow. >> yes there are, and of course the big race in san francisco. and you know what? it is getting red out there. you can see the moisture showing up on the lens. cloudy skies, moderate amounts of rainfall. and we're starting to see the cold front make its way offshore, finally, we had a pretty nice saturday. it was cool but was not wet just yet. but the system is making its way offshore. you can see the scattered light showers now into the san jose area, heavier into fremont. and further north, you see the bulk of it, coming into berkeley and richmond, lighter amounts as you head to the north. but not bad as we'll see more making its way onshore as we head throughout the nighttime hours. and a possibility of isolated
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thunderstorms, a lot of cold air on the back side, that could spark the thunderstorms coming through the bay area, yeah, looks like we're in for an interesting evening, indeed as the system slides through tomorrow morning. bringing more with it, scattered showers, the sustained rainfall will end overnight tonight, more pop-up showers as we head through the day tomorrow. you get the idea, wet out there. the system moving through here and the sierra nevada, where they're waiting for snowfall. you could see another foot of snow across the high country. temperatures running in the 50s. if you plan to travel around the state, yes, winter-like conditions, scattered showers and possible thunderstorms just about everywhere you go in the northern mountains. speaking of the high country, boy, winter storm warnings up there, you could see the snow at 3500 feet, a foot of snow at 8000. that is something else for this time of year. still it looks like things will finally settle down as we head to the middle of the week. we have a ways to go as the
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system slides down here. look at the coastline, a sign of cold air coming through the bay area for tomorrow. the main cold front comes through tonight. you will see the storm move by, becoming more showery as we head through the day tomorrow. picking up on it well, we take you through the night. the cold front making its way on by. and then behind it we have cold air, could give rise to thunderstorms. you have the beta breakers race tomorrow, cold showers, folks, plan on that, dress warmly if you dress at all for the race tomorrow. things will be settled on the west side. and we don't end just there, more rain on the way, we'll see the system slide on by, another one right behind it pushes on through to bring more showers in the bay area. it will be very wet. through the next couple of days this high pressure is just nowhere to be found until about the middle of the week. and then that is when things look like they will dry out. but you know what? there is a chance next weekend
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with clouds coming in. a slight chance of showers. >> earlier you talked about -- tomorrow, the potential for a neat day. you and i have different definitions of neat. >> mountains, thunderstorm, clouds, hail -- >> mine will be sunshine for the weekend. >> you're like most normal people. all right thank you. and a prom issue lifted after 200,000 people complain. and what happens when a house blows away
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james from the dance a . a prom excuse for a connecticut high school senior, james tate. he was banned from the prom after he taped letters on a wall asking a student to be his date. he was suspended, they barred him from the prom and it created a stir internationally. many joined the facebook page
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to say let james go to the prom. the head master said the policy will be changed. and graduation ceremonies held today at edwards stadium. and among the graduates was somebody who had even more reason to celebrate. the 22-year-old not only has the support of his family and friends but a team of uc berkeley engineers who made his walk across the stage with other students possible. john blackstone has the story. >> reporter: paralyzed from his stomach down, he has spent his high school years in a wheelchair. he could walk earlier, but weeks later, drinking and driving he crashed into a tree. >> every day, i'm glad to be alive. >> reporter: his life had been changed but changed again last fall at the university of california berkeley when he met this engineering professor. >> i realized he has the man i
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had been waiting for a long time. he is so inspiring and he has changed the way i do my work. >> reporter: for 20 years, the doctor has been developing exoskeletons, a robotic way to help. >> he said i have this dream for you, i want to see you walk. >> reporter: he was a history major and joined the engineering students in developing a light weight, low cost exoskeleton. strapped into the legs of the prototype he became a testing subject. he stood on his birthday, last november. he could stand, by the goal was to walk. the team decided austin would be doing that by graduation day. and today, in the long line of graduates making their way across the stage, it was finally his turn.
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his chance to show there is a reason for hope for anybody who believes they will never walk again. >> austin whitney. >> reporter: and what is an amazing day for every graduate, austin whitney took a particularly big step into the future. john blackstone, cbs news, berkeley, california. >> and the students were just two weeks shy of graduation. they will receive the degrees. they were killed inside the university parking garage last week. they say 54 -- 54-year-old husband shot the pair before turning the gun on himself. and giants fan brian stow can finally come home to the bay area, he is finally able to go to san francisco, where he will be admitted to the hospital. he has been in a coma since late march, after being beaten
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by two men outside dodgers stadium. and getting air borne is what most kids have in mind in a situation like this, but nothing like this. the wind kicked up during an elementary school graduation party in tucson yesterday. and while the parents videotaped it, the house flew into the air. the kids got out in time. speaking wind, the giants are in the windy city, and barry zito can take as long as he wants to be off the disabled list. and highlights from the coliseum are next
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with the way ryan vogel song has pitched, there is no reason for barry zito to return to the disabled list. he had an impressive outing, strikes out six, and thanks to help from mother nature, he picks up the first complete game, when the umpire called it in the 7th, the giants win, 3- 0, and a's have an injury replacement of their own, filling in for dallas braden, and career hit in the fifth, a two-run triple, the a's beat the white sox, to get back over the 200 mark. and four and a half hour weather delay, they will play a lot of golf tomorrow. mcdowell and watney, tied for the lead, with 11-under, and four holes left to play.
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and ware took care of abraham, in a unanimous decision,. >> can't wait to see those highlights on cbs 11:00 at 5. good evening e. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion. from financing a solar project for the milpitas school district at golden gate. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen.
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